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What Is Internet of Things With Amazon Web Services Perspective?

March 18, 2017
The Internet of Things (IoT) gained importance in the last two years. The basic concept behind IoT is to establish connectivity between gadgets with the help of sensors. For example, a smartwatch includes sensors which enable you to keep track of your daily physical activity including monitoring your sleep. The term IoT was coined by Kevin Ashton after the development of sensors that connect the physical world to the web. 

The Internet, things, and connectivity are three different components of IoT framework. The main purpose is to bridge the divide between the physical and digital layer. This method will help you to reinforce and improve systems.

To tap the rich potential of IoT, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has developed IoT-centric services such as AWS Greengrass and AWS IoT. These services will help you to fetch and deliver data to the cloud. You will be able to load easily and analyze various parameters including the ability to manage services and devices. Hence, you will be able to concentrate on the development of applications that suits your requirements.

With AWS Greengrass, you will be able to run the local computational task, messaging including data caching for establishing connectivity between devices in a secured manner. Your connected devices will be able to run AWS Lambda functions and store valuable data in sync. Moreover, it can communicate with other devices as well even without Internet connectivity.

Meanwhile, the AWS IoT is a managed cloud platform that enables you to establish connected devices easily. Moreover, you will be able to interact with various cloud apps securely. AWS IoT has an ability to provide support for a wide range of devices and messages. It is possible to process and route messages to SWS endpoints including other devices in a reliable and secure manner.

If you look at the AWS IoT Button, it is programmable based on the Amazon Dash Button hardware. It is easy to configure the Wi-Fi device and exclusively designed for developers to work with the AWS IoT, AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon SNS and others.