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Rust Language Service Preview For Visual Studio And VS Code Released

December 15, 2017

Rust is a popular language service. The latest news is that Daniel Griffen has released a preview release of a Rust language service, which is exclusively oriented for Visual Studi... Continue Reading

Microsoft Quantum Development Kit Developer Preview Released

December 14, 2017

Microsoft Quantum Development Kit has been released for developers as a free preview. The Redmond-based tech giant had announced the plans to develop a quantum computer at its Igni... Continue Reading

Microsoft Announces IoT Edge Public Preview With New Features

December 11, 2017

Microsoft has announced the launch of the public preview of IoT Edge during the Connect(); conference. Technically, the IoT Edge is a new variant of the IoT Gateway Software Develo... Continue Reading

XebiaLabs Launches XL Impact With Improvements And New Features

November 30, 2017

XebiaLabs has announced the release of the first edition of XL Impact. It is a goal-based data-driven recommendation and decision-making tool for enterprise companies. Technically,... Continue Reading

GitHub Gets Better With Security Alerts

November 27, 2017

GitHub has launched security alerts feature using which you will be able to scan a project's dependencies for known and critical vulnerabilities. If a vulnerability has been discov... Continue Reading

Visual Studio 2017 15.5 Preview Gets Better With F# Core And Standard Support

November 24, 2017

Microsoft has released Visual Studio 2017 15.5 Preview version. The main highlight of the preview edition is the integration of F# Core coupled with standard support. With Visual S... Continue Reading

Microsoft Java Debugger for VS Code Gets Better With Open Sourcing

November 20, 2017

Microsoft has open sourced Java debugger for Visual Studio Code aka VS Code. The code for the Java debugger is now available in open source format. It is to be noted that the VS Co... Continue Reading

Realm .NET Gets Better With .NET Stack Support And Features

November 19, 2017

Realm has launched Realm .NET, which is a set of new components, which provide developers the required tools to integrate effectively using the .NET stack. Microsoft had introduced... Continue Reading

Microsoft Nullable Reference Types in C# 8 Previewed With New Features

Microsoft Nullable Reference Types in C# 8 Previewed With New Features

November 17, 2017

Microsoft has announced the addition of nullable reference types in C# 8. The Redmond-based software giant has previewed the nullable reference types to enable developers to provid... Continue Reading

Node.js 8.9 Gets Better With Long Term Support

Node.js 8.9 Gets Better With Long Term Support

November 14, 2017

Node.js 8.9 has been released with Long Term Support (LTS) label. According to sources, the LTS support is necessary to satisfy the growing requirements of enterprise customers. Yo... Continue Reading