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Raspberry Pi Series Helps You To Explore The Wonderful World Of IoT

March 24, 2017
Raspberry Pi Zero is mainly used for the development of connected home projects. The main highlight of the IoT device is its size, low price, reduced power consumption. Moreover, Raspberry Pi Zero provides a software package, which enables developers to establish connectivity. The recently released Raspberry Pi Zero W provides support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity that helps you to work with Internet of Things projects very quickly.

According to experts, even if the term Internet of Things doesn't exist for a long time, the real concept of connected devices will exist as long as the computer exists. The main reason is attributed to the huge spike in the growth of wireless communication and gadgets.

Nowadays, all major electronic gadgets are integrated with wireless technologies., Hence, they will be able to connect with each other. For example, your Television can establish connectivity with your smartphone, and you can stream pictures and videos to your big screen. A light bulb will be able to control and manage intensity and color through a mobile app. It is possible to connect Google Home to WeMo Smart Plugs. Hence, you will be able to control lighting with the help of voice.

The main benefit of Zero W is its affordable connectivity using which you can establish connectivity with several gadgets. You should get benefit from the connected devices. Otherwise, there is no use. For instance, if you buy a costly wearable and don't know how to use it to full potential, then there is no use with the gadget.

By performing a simple hack with a Raspberry Pi, you will be able to manage things using Amazon Dash buttons. You can also make use of cloud-based connected platforms using which you can make use of to control devices. It is also possible to create intelligent alerts and actions with various cloud platforms. You can use Initial State, Particle Cloud, Resin.io, and Cayenne since they are Raspberry Pi-friendly.

That said, Raspberry Pi Zero W provides very affordable, portable, reliable and connected computing mechanism. If you love technology and computing, you should explore the wonderful land of Internet of Things aka IoT in a detailed manner. The web is filled with articles and tutorials. You can also purchase books related to IoT to extend your learning potential.