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Python Power Reaches Microsoft SQL Server 2017

May 17, 2017
Python Power Reaches Microsoft SQL Server 2017
Python is a powerful programming language. If rumors are to be believed, Microsoft SQL Server 2017 will be able to run Python scripts. Moreover, the upcoming database platform will have full access to Python third-party libraries. It will be made available as native T-SQL stored procedures.

Microsoft has announced that the support for Python will be provided with CTP release of SQL Server 2017. You will be able to make use of Python within SQL Server to perform data analytics. 

It is also used to run machine learning models including the capability to handle any kind of work related to the database. According to reports, the Python support will be available not only to Enterprise editions but also Express editions.

Microsoft is gearing up to embed Python code directly in SQL Server databases. This is done by including the code as a T-SQL stored procedure. Hence, you will be able to deploy Python code in production along with the data.

During the installation process, Microsoft SQL Server 2017 will automatically fetch and install its own edition of CPython 3.5. You should note that this is the stock Python interpreter that you can download from the official website. As a user, you can install own Python packages in addition to using Cython to generate C code from Python modules. Your application will be able to run at an enhanced speed.

There are reports that the Redmond-based company will include packages from the Anaconda distribution of Python. It is widely used in data science. Moreover, Microsoft will also bundle RevoScalePy package, which is a set of data analysis functions. 

These functions will be able to leverage the benefits of in-memory and column-store index features of SQL Server. You can also expect third-party modules such as TensorFlow. If you are a database administrator, you can set constraints on Python runtime. It will also prevent scripts from security or network policy violation.

We don't have any clear idea as to whether Microsoft will permit third-party Python releases to be used in place of CPython. The main reason is attributed to the fact that few editions are used to enhance productivity for data researchers and scientists.

Even though Microsoft has announced the release of SQL Server for Linux, the reports coming to our news desk indicate the fact that only Windows version will provide support for Python.