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Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 will launch on March 7, share your stories using #MyVSStory

February 13, 2017
Microsoft will officially launch Visual Studio 2017 on March 7. If you wish to share your experiences, you can do so by using the hashtag #MyVSStory.

Touted as the 20th anniversary of Visual Studio, the release went into public preview in March 2016. However, it entered the Release Candidate status in November 2016. Previously referred to as Visual Studio 15, the new release has been scheduled for public release early 2017. However, the final release has been pushed to March due to some reasons. Even then Microsoft is on the right track.

In a statement published on Microsoft blog, the company disclosed that they are excited and humbled to launch the Visual Studio 2017 as they are entering 20th anniversary. The blog post confirmed the launch of Visual Studio 2017 on March 7, which will be live streamed over the web. As part of the launch event, developers will be able to engage in demo sessions, which demonstrates the key functions and improvements of the product. The aim of the live show is to conduct training for developers.

In addition to code navigation, the Visual Studio 2017 brings in IntelliSense, refactoring code fixes, and debugging features for your custom software development requirements. Moreover, the Visual Studio 2017 will ship with a lightweight and modular installation. You will also experience an improved IDE with the ability to view, edit and debug code without projects and solutions.

As part of the team that created the first version of Visual Studio, it was an ambitious goal to bring together everything developers needed to build applications for the client, the server, and the web. Twenty years ago, on January 28, 1997, we announced that we were going to launch Visual Studio 97 - a single product that would bring together best-of-breed productivity tools for any developer. This was no trivial undertaking. It was a challenging task to bring Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual J++, Visual FoxPro, and Visual InterDev into one single product. The team delivered, kicking off decades of incredible productivity for millions of developers worldwide.

As part of the motivation, Microsoft has requested developers to share their experiences by using the hashtag #MyVSStory. We hope Visual Studio 2017 will be a suitable IDE for your custom software development requirements.