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Microsoft Releases Visual Studio 15.3 Preview 2

June 17, 2017
Microsoft Releases Visual Studio 15.3 Preview 2
Microsoft has released the second preview of Visual Studio 2017 (15.3) with a special focus on the quality of life improvements. The main attraction of the preview is the addition of .NET Framework 4.7. According to sources, the support will extend beyond Windows 10.

Microsoft pushed .NET Framework 4.7 along with Windows 10 creators update. As a developer, you can make use of the .NET Framework support in VS 2017 15.3. However, you can cross check whether the support is already available by looking at the relevant Visual Studio installation screen.

The Visual Studio 15.3 Preview 2 has refreshed the Lightweight Solution Load feature in such a way that it offers enhanced speed and reliability including control. Moreover, the .NET Core has been expanded with Live Unit Testing support. You can easily write Visual Basic applications targeting .NET Core since you will find support for .NET Core, VB console and .NET Standard class libraries.

You should note that the release is a preview. Hence, there will be minor problems. For example, the F# tools are broken including Intellisense. Furthermore, the remote tools for Visual Studio 2017 have not been updated in Visual Studio 15.3 Preview 2.

The Visual Studio 15.3 Preview 2 15.3 doesn't ship with a Go-Live license. Hence, you should not use it in production scenarios. You can install it for testing purposes and not for deployment. If you would like to test drive the preview, you need to download the relevant version corresponding to Professional, Enterprise, and Community.