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Microsoft Cloud Shell will be a lightweight responsive Windows version

January 28, 2017
Microsoft is reportedly working on Cloud Shell, which is an adaptive shell for Windows 10. Moreover, the upcoming Shell Will be available in a single and unified approach. Dubbed as the Composable Shell or CSHELL, the purpose of the company is to create a universal Windows 10 version. It will feature a common framework to port the operating system to any device irrespective of display sizes.

According to Petri, Microsoft is gearing up to release a new shell for Window named as Cloud Shell. As per the documentation accessed by the portal, Cloud Shell is a lightweight version of Windows, which is primarily designed for the modern computing world. The report also states that the Redmond-based company will unveil the Cloud Shell in 2017. However, we don't have a specific time frame for the launch.

Technically, the Cloud Shell has connectivity with the Windows Store and Universal Windows Platform app framework. Moreover, Microsoft is planning to introduce the full version of Windows 10 to mobile devices with the newly launched ARM processors. 

In future, you will be able to stream Windows 10 shell from Microsoft Azure to any gadget with an Internet connection. Meanwhile, the relevant cloud-based servers will be able to remotely handle the processing and other internal needs to perform each and every task. Going forward, you will be able to implement Microsoft Cloud Shell wit your customs software development projects.

If you are wondering how long you should wait for more information about the Cloud Shell, you need not have to wait long. The main reason is attributed to the forthcoming Microsoft Build conference. Industry analysts are of the opinion that the company will announce the roadmap for Cloud Shell project during the conference.