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Microsoft AirSim helps you to simulate Drones and Robots

February 18, 2017
Microsoft has developed AirSom, which is an open-source tool used to simulate the working of drones around the world. Developed using Unreal Engine, the Redmond-based giant will soon provide support for robots and other kinds of vehicles. Currently, the Microsoft AirSim provides support for Drones.

Microsoft has developed Aerial Informatics and Robotics Platform, which is a research project used to deeply understand the usage and movement of the autonomous vehicles in the real-world scenario. It makes use of deep learning to understand the behavior of the vehicles in a wide range of scenarios.

Since the huge amount of data is required to be dissected for deep learning, it will be difficult for developers to make use of them in thousands of real projects. The problem is it will crash the entire system. Hence, Microsoft has developed AirSim to tackle the huge potential behind the simulation arena.

As of writing this, AirSim has an ability to simulate the flight of MAVLink and DJI drones including support for Pixhawk controllers. Moreover, the framework is modular and hence you will be able to add support for other vehicles and controllers as and when required.

Microsoft is gearing up to provide support for robots. The company has invited the community to provide feedback and contribute code. Moreover, you can provide feedback regarding the various ways by which you can expand the system. If you are unaware, you can use the AirSim framework to easily simulate the movement of any type of autonomous vehicle.

Microsoft AirSim provides API for downloading data collected from GPS including visual data. Even though the framework ships with Windows build, the company is planning to make available the Linux build including support for ZeroMQ, Protobuf and Python.