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Eclipse Foundation Releases Neon

June 23, 2016

Eclipse Foundation has announced the release of Eclipse Neon, an IDE for the development of Java, JavaScript, C/C++, PHP and Fortran applications. This is the 11'th release of the Eclipse Foundation with contributions from over 780 developers and amounting to 70 million lines of code.

The recent release encourages users to make use of the Eclipse Installer, a new technology powered by Eclipse Oomph. It provides a tiny installer that can download and manage additional tools. Moreover, the tool also reduces the severe load on the Eclipse servers. Instead of having to host and manage a single large ZIP, the tool provides a subset of plug-ins that can be downloaded only if needed.

The standard Java developers package and the CDT C/C++ developers package are currently available as installers. It provides an ability for the custom IDE to be created with a combination of the standard developer tools.

The latest release of Eclipse Foundation termed Neon provides support for word wrapping in editors. However, this feature is deactivated initially but can be enabled in the preferences or with the Alt+Shift+Y keypress. You can increase the size of a text editor's font with Ctrl++ and Ctrl+-, in addition to pinch-to-zoom on supported trackpads.

The Neon IDE also provides support for high-DPI monitors including a number of icons created at a higher resolution. There are improvements to the GTK3 support for menus and auto-scaled icons for high-DPI resolutions. Moreover, you can add full screen support to Windows and Linux.

The Java IDE has been refreshed with the integration of following features

Null annotation detection has been expanded
Null annotated methods in generics now provides more specific recommendations
Quick fixes for adding nullable annotations are now prompted
JUnit test runs now pass the -ea (enable assertions)
Content assist in JDT has been improved
Inclusion of Maven and Gradle support
Introduction of terminate and launch feature

Even though Java 9 is not publicly available, betas can be downloaded from the Eclipse marketplace. It makes use of -addmods java.se.ee on the JVM command line, due to dependencies on annotations such as javax.annotation.PostConstruct.

The recent release of Neon also includes several improvements related to C/C++ developer tools 9.0.