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Azure DevTest Labs Extension for VSTS publicly available

June 25, 2016
Microsoft Visual Studio product team has developd a new tool named, Azure DevTest Labs Tasks, which enables you to spin up Azure DevTest Labs quickly directly from within the Visual Studio Team Services environment. Available from Visual Studio Marketplace, the Azure DevTest Labs Tasks is available as a VSTS extension.

In May, the Microsoft's Cloud group released the Azure DevTest Labs to public availability. Microsoft revealed that the environment can be used by developers to make use for quickly spinning up development and testing environments quickly within Azure. The Azure DevTest Labs Tasks extension provides a direct way to create Virtual Machines (VMs) from within VSTS.

The Azure DevTest Labs Extension enable developers to create custom images including creation and deletion of Virtual Machines.

To work with Azure DevTest Labs Extension, you need to obtain an Azure Resource Manager subscription to use it. Mike Jones Techno revealed that to use this task you need to export and save an ARM VM template in source control. You will be able to use it as an artifact for this extension to use. 

You can download Azure DevTest Labs Tasks extension from the Visual Studio Marketplace.