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What's New in Composite C1 5.0 Beta 1 - Part 1

August 24, 2016
Composite C1 5.0 Beta 1 has been released, which will be useful for your custom software projects. The release includes refreshed user interface which is not only simple to use but also runs faster and efficiently. After the installation of Composite C1 5.0 Beta 1, you will find significant changes in the editing and browsing experiences.

Among other features, the latest release features enhanced MVC support in addition to the ability to create data views for Razor developers. The new tooling module included with the C1 console enables you to test pages in various devices. It is also possible to analyze pages using Google PageSpeed and W3C validator. The release also includes support for storing media on external locations such as CDN, dependency injection and enhanced URL handling.

The classic look and feel of C1 Console included with  Composite C1 5.0 Beta 1 has been replaced with a modern and intuitive user interface. This will enable you to build custom websites easily. The browser view matches with the content node you navigated. The device preview feature enables you to verify whether the pages are responsive.

Commenting on the release of Composite C1 5.0 Beta 1, Marcus Wendt disclosed that a view can also be a service like Google PageSpeed Insights. Moreover, the W3C markup validator or the built-in C1 page speed report will give you a performance report on a page, making it easy to identify which C1 Functions take the most time to render on any given page.

Composite C1 5.0 Beta 1 has been updated in such a way that tree/commands/browser combo is set as a tab element. When you switch to a new tab it automatically removes all elements from your immediate view thus providing much better user experience.

Composite C1 5.0 Beta 1 beta program is now available to select participants. You can request access by sending a request to the e-mail id mentioned on the official blog post.