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Visual Studio Code 1.8 gets better with hot exit, zen mode and additional debugging options

December 19, 2016

Visual Studio Code 1.8 has added new features such as hot exit, zen mode and other relevant debugging options. The Hot Exit enables you to prevent losing edit. Moreover, the Zen mode is designed to simplify coding. Moreover, the Visual Studio Code 1.8 brings in new debugging features including accessible settings.

In case of Hot Exit, it prevents the loss of any unsaved changes. For instance, when the app crashed or during the exit. If you restart after a Hot Exit, you will be able to recover all workspaces and files that are backed. This includes unsaved modifications.

If you look at Zen Mode, it enables developers to focus on their source code. This can be done by hiding the Activity and Status bar, Sidebar including the Panel. Microsoft also made few customizations to the activity bar, which enables you to reorder the views or remove using drag and drop mechanism.

The newly launched version 1.8 has been refreshed to provide support for debugging. Some of the features are multitarget debugging including Node.js debugging. You can easily add multiple launch configurations to the launch.json file. With VS Code 1.8, you can configure all the features by using settings.json file.

If you look at Visual Studio Code 1.8, it has added additional enhancements. You can search for settings based on their names and descriptions. Moreover, you will be able to group settings. It is now possible to add a setting to the settings.json file directly from the navigation view.

Visual Studio Code 1.8 also provides support for TypeScript and async/await. It also added support for JavaScript Object Rest and Spread. This feature helps you to keep JavaScript validation activated during te use of Object Spread and Rest with React.