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Visual Studio Code 1.19 Gets better With New Features and Improvements

January 01, 2018
Microsoft has officially released Visual Studio Code 1.19 with a wide range of features, improvements, and enhancements. The Visual Studio Code 1.19 editor has been exclusively designed to cater to the needs of the developer community not only in terms of speed but popularity.

Dubbed as the final release ahead of 2018, the Visual Studio Code 1.19 is mainly developed on performance. The release notes released by the Redmond-based software giant mentioned that the product team has fixed atleast 50 performance-related issues. The improvements are mainly in the area of the startup. You will notice significant speed while working with the editor when compared to the previous releases.

As of this writing, the GitHub repository has over 4400 issues that are closed using enhanced bot responses. You should note that over 2700 new issues were already created during the same time.

In addition to refreshed logging mechanism, the Visual Studio Code 1.19 provides support for diagnostics and extension monitoring tools to service the code editor. The newly introduced process monitor will display the amount of CPU and memory that are used by various VS Code subprocesses.

The VS Code is not only keyboard-centric but also includes a multi-language code editor. Moreover, the editor is lightweight without consuming too many resources. The purpose of the Visual Studio Code 1.19 is to enhance the user experience in a bid to code smoothly and quickly.

In 2017, Microsoft focussed on the development of TypeScript, Node, and JavaScript. The company also developed Python extension after hiring Don Jayamanne. However, the development of Java is not in the roadmap chart of the company because of lack of interest among developers.

According to a recently conducted survey, the Visual Studio Code was rated as a popular choice among developers than other competing editors. The Stack Overflow survey revealed the fact that 24 percent of web developers make use of VS Code, well ahead of Vim and Sublime Text. The latest survey results are in sharp contrast with the 2016 survey, where the VS Code ranked 13'th position among all text editors.