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Visual Studio 2017 Release Candidate with improved features released

November 22, 2016
Microsoft has officially released the first release candidate of Visual Studio 2017. According to Microsoft, the next edition of Visual Studio will be a massive release. It will address the concerns of the developers who would like to build a wide range of technologies such as web, mobile and desktop applications.

Currently in its sixth preview, the VS 2107 has been developed based on inputs from the previously released features. The newly released RC is equipped with several editor improvements such as Go To which provides for navigation across the open solution to locate files, types, methods, and other code artifacts. Moreover, the release showcases the VS 2017 support for EditorConfig, a format for defining styles usable in a variety of editors. 

In Visual Studio 2017, a Run-to-Click icon appears in line with code in the editor indicating where execution will run to. This will avoid you to set temporary breakpoints. Furthermore, you will be able to easily navigate open processes for the 
particular process that should be debugged.

Meanwhile, the VS2017RC installer will automatically detect if any preview releases of VS 2017 has been installed. The installer automatically removes them prior to installing VS 2017.

The Visual Studio 2017 RC has a go-live license. Hence, the IDE can be used in production environments. However, the .NET Core, Xamarin, Python, and Data Science workloads are still in preview stage.

You can now download web-based installers for Community, Professional and Enterprise editions of Visual Studio 2017 from Microsoft. You can install in offline mode via the --layout option (vs_Community.exe --layout C:\offline).