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Understanding The Visual Studio Code User Interface

April 07, 2017
Understanding The Visual Studio Code User Interface
Visual Studio Code User Interface is a code editor. The VS Code has been designed in such a way that it inherits a common user interface and layout. You will find an explorer on the left, which displays all the files and folders. Moreover, the editor on the right shows the content of the files.

With VS Code editor, you will be able to work by opening a file or folder in VS code. After opening the relevant folder inside the VS Code, it will read all the files inside it such as package. json, project. json and much more. The editor will also provide advanced functionalities such as IntelliSense. The editor includes a simple layout that makes full potential of the required space inside the editor.

While the editor is the main area where you edit the files, the sidebar features several viewed to help you while working on a project. You will be able to open three editors simultaneously.

In the status bar, you will find relevant information about the projects that are opened and the files you would like to edit. The Visual Studio Code User Interface also offers an activity bar and panels. Moreover, each time you start the editor, it will show you the same interface that you previously closed.

Suppose if you had worked with a large project and there are over 1000 project files. You would have closed the file somewhere in the previous night. If you open next day morning, the editor will show you the exact location of the file where you stopped. This feature will be very useful if you are working with large projects.

In Visual Studio Code User Interface, you can work up to three editors. You can open editors by Ctrl key on a file inside the Explorer. You can also click on the Split Editor button located in the upper-right corner of an editor. It is possible to drag and drop a file to the side of the editor region.

When it comes to the views, you can work with it inside the file explorer, search, source control, debug. and extensions. You will be able to quickly navigate between views using the activity bar. It is also possible to reorder views by dragging and dropping them on the Activity Bar.

That said, the Visual Studio Code User Interface has amazing properties suitable for all level of developers ranging from beginners to advanced level users.