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Rust Language Service Preview For Visual Studio And VS Code Released

December 15, 2017
Rust is a popular language service. The latest news is that Daniel Griffen has released a preview release of a Rust language service, which is exclusively oriented for Visual Studio. However, you need access to Visual Studio 2017 Preview to work with the Rust plugin. The preview release of Visual Studio 2017 is an experimental release stream to enable you to test new VS features.

To recall, Andrzej Janik and Patrick Reisert had worked with a similar initiative also called as Visual Rust. The project was stalled 6 months back due to reasons unknown to us. The advantage with the Griffen release is that he is able to take advantage of the Rust Language Server (RLS), which is mainly designed to work as an editor-agnostic language service.

The improvements made to the Visual Studio or VS Code could be advantageous to Sublime, vim, emacs in addition to other editors. The core issue is that each editor should provide a thin adapter plugin to communicate with the language server.
RLS make use of not only the Rust compiler but also Racer for data. It is to be noted that Racer, also named as Rust autocomplete is less accurate than the full-blown compiler. However, you will be able to experience enhanced performance. The Racer is typically used for those operations where the compiler is running too slow.

As of writing this, the Rust Language Server is in an early stage of the development and is currently looking for contributors who can commit to working on the project.