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Python For .NET Expected To Get Major Boost

May 09, 2017
Python For .NET Expected To Get Major Boost
If the news are to be believed, you can expect the relaunch of Python for .NET. The IronPython is the Python implementation that runs on top of the .NET Framework's Common Language Runtime (CLR). Recently, the project was handed over to a new development lead, which signals the eruption of Python for .NET from scratch.

Commenting on the development on the Ironpython-users mailing list, Jeff Hardy, the lead IronPython developer confirmed that he don't have adequate time to work on the project. Moreover, the project is not getting sufficient attention because of his busy work schedule. Hence, Hardy has handed over the project to Alex Earl and Benedikt Eggers.

Written in C#, the IronPython provides a bridge to existing .NET applications and objects. The objects can be easily imported and handled with the same syntax as provided by the native Python.

If you look at the track record of IronPython, the development process is very slow. The Python 2.7.5, which is the last release was unveiled in 2014. After that, there was no significant development. Interestingly, Python 2 was not supported by IronPython. Moreover, the Python 2 support will not be available after 2020.

Recently, the product team members had a chat on developer chat site Gitter. They outlined several core facts which the project will have to face as it moves forward. Moreover, there was a widespread discussion about the steps required to implement Python libraries support for C extensions. If you look at Numpy, it makes use of C extensions for gaining performance and speed.

The team also looked at the possibility of pushing the future growth of IronRuby, which is a .NET implementation of Ruby. The main aim is to attract maximum developer audience to make IronRuby popular. Meanwhile, IronPython 2 will continue to evolve as a discrete project.

We are very much in positive mind regarding the future development of Python for .NET. We will continue to keep track of the developments and will update you.