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PaintCode 3 gets better with support for Swift 3, Android and JavaScript

November 13, 2016
PaintCode 3 has been updated to provide support for Swift 3 and Android code generation in addition to JavaScript. The main highlight of PainCode is the ability to generate source code that can be used to render not only resolution-independent but  also parametric drawings. Hence, it replaces graphic files in PNG, JPEG, or other formats.

PaintCode 3 provides an ability to output source code in Objective-C and Swift for the iOS and macOS platforms. Moreover, PaintCode also offers support for Java for Android. You can also make use of JavaScript to draw canvas elements for the web.

According to sources, you can easily import SVG, PSD, PDF, EPS and AI image formats into PaintCode. Furthermore, you can convert them into source code.
Commenting on the update, PaintCode disclosed that since PaintCode handles vector drawings, which are inherently capable of scaling, the code it generates automatically adapts itself to the screen resolution. If you look at Parametric drawings they will be able to generate code that can be modified by parameters that are passed in at runtime.

You can define a button with a parametric title, or a rectangle with a parametric corner radius. It is possible to reuse images in several places by providing different creation arguments. You can create animated drawings by using parameters. The animation effect is produced by providing different values for the parameters.

PaintCode 3 has an ability to generate code for Swift 3 that is up to 150x faster than previous versions in some cases. Talking about iOS and macOS, PaintCode provides the ability to spread the modifications made to an app design.