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.NET Core 2.0 Preview 2 Gets better With Developer Centric Enhancements

July 08, 2017
.NET Core 2.0 Preview 2 Gets better With Developer Centric Enhancements
Microsoft has announced the launch of .NET Core 2.0 Preview 2 oriented for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows platforms. With the launch of the Preview 2, you will have access to a uniform naming scheme across all platforms not only for installers but also for packages. For example, the filenames for all runtimes will start with dotnet-runtime, while SDKs will begin with dotnet- sdk.

The main highlight of the .NET Core 2.0 Preview 2 is improvements to the usability for developers who work with the command line. You will be able to call dotnet restore command when using commands such as build, run and publish. The main aim of the Preview 2 is to simplify the process involved with software development. Moreover, the features are developer friendly than the current version.

With the arrival of .NET Core 2.0 Preview 2, you will be able to reference .NET Framework libraries directly from a project using the .NET standard. Moreover, the core apps and libraries included with the .NET are mainly dependent on .NET Framework libraries running .NET Framework 4.6.1 and higher. The purpose of this step is to pave way for the smooth transition of projects moving from .NET Framework to .NET Standard.

The main attraction of .NET Core 2.0 Preview 2 is the integration of WCF including support for SOAP encoded messages. You will be able to make use of custom proxy addresses for both http/https bindings on Windows. The preview build also adds support for various service operations to work with sessions including bug fixes and improvements. 

The Preview 12 build of .NET Core 2.0 also includes Microsoft WCF Web Service Reference Provider extension. The extension works by extracting metadata from a WCF service in the current solution wither locally or via network. It generates a source code compatible with .NET Core for a WCF client proxy.

Microsoft has released installation binaries for all major platforms. If you are using Ubuntu, you need to remove Preview 1 before proceeding to install Preview 2. By default, Visual Studio 2017 make use of .NET Core 1.X. To install .NET Core 2 Preview SDK, you need to install Visual Studio 15.3 preview release.