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Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 released with rich features in three variants

March 10, 2017
Microsoft has released the much-anticipated Visual Studio 2017. The completely refreshed version of the IDE is available for download. The highlight of the newly launched Visual Studio 2017 is the ability to provide support for operating systems other than Windows. It enables developers to design and deploy cloud and mobile apps on Linux, Mac, and others. Microsoft has established A partnership with Xamarin University to provide free 60 days access to enable you to learn the steps involved in the coding process.

According to Microsoft, the Visual Studio 2017 help any developer, build any application, on any platform. Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 also provides support for enhanced loading, navigation, language improvements, CMake for C++, Linux for C++ including the capability to test code modules in real-time. Moreover, the IDE also includes Xamarin Forms Previewer, cloud connectivity, .NET Core, and DevOps among others. Microsoft said that VS 2017 is three times faster than VS 2015 in all aspects.

During the Visual Studio 2017 launch event, Microsoft also unveiled Visual Studio for Mac Preview 4, Team Foundation Server 2017 Update 1 and Visual Studio Mobile Center Preview updates. Microsoft is also planning to integrate Python tools preview for the Visual Studio 2017. However, it hasn't been added to VS 2017 due to some issues. An update will be pushed soon before the end of Q3 2017.

Some of the features included with Visual Studio 2017 are C# 7, Visual Basic, F# 4.1, live unit testing, Git, Xamarin 4.3, NuGet, Azure SDK for .NET including Office developer tools. 

Microsoft has released three versions of Visual Studio 2017 for your custom software development process. Visual Studio Community is a free and fully featured IDE for students, open-source and individual developers. Visual Studio Professional is aimed at professional developers and provides benefits for small teams. However, Visual Studio Enterprise is designed for large scale enterprise companies who would like to build compelling Windows and Web apps.