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Microsoft Unveils .NET Core Tools 1.0 With C# Support Followed By F# In Q2 2017

March 14, 2017
With few days after the official release of Visual Studio 2017, Microsoft has unveiled .NET Core Tools 1.0, which are very useful for developers. You will be able to take advantage of the rich features of the core tools irrespective of whether you work with Visual Studio 2017, VS for Mac, VS Code or any third-party IDE.

As of writing this, Visual Basic and F# are not supported. However, Rich Lander, who works with Microsoft disclosed that the team is integrated support for F# for the .NET Core by the end of Q2 2017. With this release, Microsoft has migated to the csproj-style project files for the development of .NET core projects. 

Before the latest release, project.json format was employed. However, you wil be able to migrate older file formats to new with Visual Studio 2017. With Visual Studio 2017, you will be able to edit new and migrated csproj files. To simplify your overall development time, the Redmond-based company has released an extension for Visual Studio 2017. It provides Intellisense for all the relevant XML-based project files. As soon as you type in a piece of code, the extension automatically completes the task.

The highlight of the .NET Core is the integration of .NET Standard Class Library projects. It will replace the existing portable class libraries. You can also reference Xamarin and Universal Windows Apps for your NuGet packages. You will have access to the appropriate class library templates at the time of writing class libraries.

If you are a .NET Core developer currently working with Visual Studio 2015, you will have to upgrade to Visual Studio 2017 to everage the benefits of the latest release.

You can install .NET Core tools via the Visual Studio 2017 installer for your custom software development purposes. You can also download the bits from Microsoft's .NET Core project page. You can either download version 1.0.0 or 1.0.1 since both of them are available on the download page. While the version 1.0.0 is fully compatible with Visual Studio 2017, the version 1.0.1 will provide support for Fedora 24 and OpenSUSE 42.1.