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Microsoft .NET Core Yields Rich Dividends For Developers

May 29, 2017
Microsoft .NET Core Yields Rich Dividends For Developers
Microsoft has open-sourced .NET Core, which is giving great benefits for the developers. The main purpose of open sourcing . NET core is to boost the sale of tools associated cloud services. Moreover, the Redmond-based company is gearing up to attract more developers to the .NET Framework platform.

To recall, the .NET Core RC1 ws made available on GitHub in November 2015. The .NET Core version 1.0 hit the online shelves in June 2016. According to Scott Hunter, who is the Microsoft partner director program manager for .NET said that developers are buying in.

Hunter added that 40 percent of .NET Core customers are brand new developers. The company is looking for new people to adopt .NET Framework technology. As of November 2016, the total number of developers who have adopted the .NET Framework has increased to 61 percent. Moreover, there has been a considerable amount of activity on GitHub, said Hunter.

Commenting on the development, Rob Sanfilippo, analyst at Directions on Microsoft disclosed that .NET Core does not yield any revenue for the Microsoft. However, it could have a positive impact down the wire. He added that the technology generates indirect revenue by making effective use of Azure or Microsft developer tools.

Responding to media, the .NET blogger Matt Warren said that the open sourcing of .NET has been termed as a big success. The data gathered from the analytics reveals significant community participation across wide range of code sharing platforms such as GitHub.

Warren said that the community of developers has been creating problems by delivering pull-requests. They are contributing code that has been included with the product for a specific period of time. The community is contributing to the .NET Core since it is evident from CoreCLR and .NE Core Lab developer-centric repositories.

Meanwhile, Hunter revealed to media that .NET Core has been exclusively developed for speed and is 8x faster than Node.js and 3x faster than Go in benchmarking testing. The recent release of Visual Studio for Mac also adds value to the .NET Core.

Microsoft also improved the .NET Core tools in the Visual Studio 2017 IDE, which includes simplified syntax for .NET Core project files. Going forward, the . NET core will meet the growing expectations of developers across the world.