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Microsoft launches Visual Studio Build Tools

November 30, 2016
Microsoft has released the Visual Studio Build Tools (VSBT) using which you will be ableto compile on Windows without Visual Studio. It combines the tools included in the previous version into a single installer. This enables you to install MFC/ALT including Windows Universal C Runtimes, and various Windows SDKs.

If you look at the installer for VSBT, it will work similar to that of Visual Studio 2017. However, you have to focus on the various build tools that are available. As of writing this, the VSBT doesn't provide support for Windows XP. This is what Microsoft is gearing up to work together.

With this release, you cannot make use of the command line statements such as switch "–help" and "/?". To begin with Microsoft has only included few select commands using which you can run the VSBT installer from the command line.

According to AdamWelch, Program Manager, Microsoft, the VSBT will introduce more commands in the future releases. You can refer to the Visual Studio 2017 Relese Candidate reference on command-line parameters.

It is also possible to create an off-line installer for VSBT . However, you will have to download a massive file of approximately 2.5 GB. In future, Microsoft will provide support for Windows XP target. However, the Redmond-based software giant hasn't  revealed any timeline for Windows XP support.