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Microsoft launches Managed disks and Scale sets for Azure management

February 25, 2017
Microsoft has released managed disks and scale sets in a bid to simplify virtual machine (VM) storage and scaling in Azure. While Managed disk need not require you to configure storage accounts for holding VM disks, Scale enables you to deploy several VMs simultaneously.

According to Corey Sanders, with the launch of the Managed disks, you will be able to attach data disks to every instance. It is possible to create a VM scale management of up to 1000VMs, which is a 10X increase that the currently available resources. Prior to the introduction of Managed Disks, the Redmond-based company advocated the use of a storage account to hold VM disks, which will have capacity and throughput limits.

Sanders added that you should not put too many storage disks in the same storage account since it exceeds the storage account scalability targets. Otherwise, it will result in the VMs under the risk of being throttled. As a customer, you will be able to calculate the number of times VMs could make use of each storage account.

The attraction of Managed Disks is the ability to avoid the usage of a storage account. You only need to specify the size and the kind of disk for a particular virtual machine.While the standard disk makes use of the conventional Hard disk up to 1TB, the premium disks comprise of SSD, which increased speed than the traditional drives.

According to Microsoft, the use of managed disks as VMs will increase productivity and performance of the various applications. Moreover, the availability of fine-grained security is one of the major features of managed disks. It enables you to manage permissions to various disks.

The Redmond-based company added that customers must make use of managed disks to create and build scale sets that are larger than 100 VMs. If you are not using managed disk, you should make use of a classic storage account. We hope you will be able to work with Managed Disks and Scale sets for management of Azure applications.