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Microsoft Flow introduced to provide workflow and connectivity functionalities

November 28, 2016
Microsoft announced the general availability of Microsoft Flow. It is a cloud-based automation platform that provides 
workflow functionality. Moreover, it provides connectivity capabilities across many popular online and on-premises services.

In April 2016, Microsoft announced a pubic preview of Microsoft Flow. After the announcement, nearly 117,000 people from 
61,000 organizations in 139 countries have used the service. To begin with, Microsoft Flow provides support for 42 languages across 6 regions. The service got 99.9% SLA.

The Microsoft Flow provides connectivity and automation across many online services. According to Stephen Siciliano, 
principal group program manager at Microsoft, Microsoft Flow is easy to sign up for, fast to use, and work well on mobile devices. However, one difficulty is each service operates in its own silo.

Microsoft Flow solves a wide range of challenges by providing an automation platform which allows organizations to wire-up different services. This includes Office 365, Dynamics 365, Yammer, Instapaper, Pinterest, Slack and Salesforce. The Flow 
service can also establish connectivity with on-premises platforms including SharePoint Server and SQL Server. This will take place via the Microsoft on-premises data gateway.

The workflows can be authored using a wide range of tools. This includes modern web browsers and mobile apps on Android and iOS. To reduce development time, Microsoft has supplied several templates. If you make use of the templates, it will help you to accelerate delivery times. 

Some of these templates are as mentioned below

SharePoint Approvals
Google Calendar to Office 365 Calendar synchronization
Receive push notifications when an email from a VIP is received
Translate non-English emails
Share new Instagram photos to Twitter
Post on Slack about new Jira issues

According to Microsoft, the Flow service will be very useful for business users or developers who require tools to automate 
common tasks and business processes. To address security concerns, Microsoft has provided the Microsoft Flow Admin 

While the Microsoft Flow free package includes few restrictions on the total number of executions per month, you will be able to get more executions in the paid package. You will get more information from the Microsoft Flow pricing page.