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Microsoft Flow gets better with Team, Gmail and LUIS support

February 14, 2017
Microsoft has added Team and LUIS support the Flow platform. Touted as a robust citizen workflow service, the Microsoft Flow enables team members to not only contribute but also manage flows in one single place. 

Currently available in public preview, the Team Flows sharing capability helps you to extend sharing of SaaS and custom API connectivity. Microsoft has also introduced support for Gmail and LUIS, which is a Microsoft-centric Cognitive Service.

Commenting on the development, John Luangco, a technology blogger reveal that employees leave organizations and the flow should be able to continue to work even after the original author of the flow has left the organization. If you inspect the official Microsoft forum, you will view the demand for more granular security capabilities.

In addition to the ability to read, update and delete flow, the Team Flows provides support to view history, debug flow including the ability to add and remove other owners. Microsoft has included a separate tab from within the Flow portal. It will help you to invite, rescind, and manage users and security groups.

With the help of the Flow portal, you will be able to control the connections coming from other major systems. If you are an administrator, you will have an ability to assign users specific rights. You will be able to access connectors added to the flow from within the Team flows portal.

Stephen Siciliano, Principal Group PM Manager:

If John creates a flow that updates items in SharePoint with his account and shares it with Mary, she will be able to modify the use of SharePoint inside of that flow, but not in any of her personal flows. Likewise, Mary can change the flow to use her SharePoint connection, but John will still not be able to use that new SharePoint connection in any of his flows.

You can share connections that extend to custom APIs. Moreover, you can opt to invite other users via the Flow portal. Microsoft has also added a connector with full support for Gmail, which was the most expected feature on the forum. You will be able to trigger a wide range of actions based upon the various events occurring in your Gmail account. Moreover, you can use the feature with Google Drive, Google Docs, Excel, Dropbox, Slack and other tools.