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Microsoft Azure DNS released globally in all public regions

November 01, 2016
Microsoft has announced the general availability of Azure DNS service in all public Azure regions. According to Sean Wheeler, Program manager, Microsoft, the Azure DNS allows customers to host their DNS domain in Azure, so they can manage their DNS records using the same credentials, billing and support contract as their other Azure services.

If you purchase domain name from a third party, you will be able to delegate their DNS to Azure DNS. Technically, customers would like to take advantage of Microsoft's global reach. Moreover, the Redmond-based giant is offering 99.99% SLA along with the service.

Commenting on the launch, Jonathan Tuliani, Azure Networking program manager at Microsoft disclosed that the primary 
benefits of hosting and management of DNS in Azure are reliability, performance, simplicity, security including convenience.

Moreover, customers will be able to reduce dependencies on local DNS servers by leveraging this service. Joe Stocker, who works with Patriot Consulting Technology Group states that if all of your external DNS servers are in the same physical location, then Azure DNS provides an opportunity to migrate to a more resilient solution since Azure DNS is automatically load balanced across multiple regions.

Currently, Microsoft has been working with several third-party companies including Men & Mice to integrate Azure DNS with management software solutions. It enable customers to manage their DNS, DHCP and IPAM configurations in a single tool. Interestingly, the tool provides support for Azure DNS.

Microsoft Azure DNS was initially launched at the May 2015 Ignite conference in Chicago.