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Introducing the Red Programming Language

April 16, 2017
Introducing the Red Programming Language
A new version of the Red Programming Language has been released. The language makes use of No Comment format to deliver original source information. 

According to the official website, the Red is a next generation programming Language strongly inspired by REBOL. The goal of the Red is to deliver the world's first full-stack language. It is a language used for various system programming tasks with the help of high-level scripting techniques. 

With Red, you can work with a single executable that will have source files used on any platform. It produces a packaged binary for any operating platform. The Red language doesn't depend on any tool instead of any other tool.

The main idea behind Red programming language is to enable meta-programming with the ability to extend the language. Actually, it is a language construction set instead of simply tagging it as a language. Red enables you to write a device driver, a platform-centric GUI application including a shared library.

Yo can make use of a common syntax to write source code at the correct abstraction level for the task. The Red language includes own meta language and data format. It is possible to work functional, reactive, imperative in addition to symbolic programming. The language makes use of a prototype approach to objects. 

Red programming language are supported in MSDOS, Windows XP, Linux ARM, RPi, Darwin, Syllable, Mac OSX, x86 FreeBSD including Android.

Red 0.6.2 provides support for Macros and preprocessor including fast compilation using libRedRT. The language is open source and you can locate it at GitHub. You can know more information directly by navigating to the official website.

If you had worked with C++ or Java, then learning Red is easy. You can also make use of a Visual Studio Code extension, which helps you to get things done quickly.

You can watch the videos related to Red programming languages by visiting YouTube and searching with the keyword "red programming language".