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Google Cloud Audit Logging capability expanded to additional cloud services

January 31, 2017
Google has expanded audit logging capability to a wide range of cloud services. The newly launched Google Cloud Audit Logging functionality enables the company to keep track of log streams for 17 services in the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

When the service was started in 2016, the Google Cloud Audit Logging provided support for only few services such as Google App Engine, BigQuery, and Cloud IAM. The latest release provides support for Google Compute Engine, Google Container Engine, Google Cloud Dataproc, Google Cloud Storage, Google Cloud SQL in beta format. Hence, you will be able to test drive the new features and provide feedback to the company.

Commenting on the development, Joe Corkery, Google Product Manager disclosed that Cloud Audit Logging provides log streams for each integrated product. Moreover, the core log stream is the activity log maintained by the administrator that includes entries for actions. It includes modification of the service including individual resources or associated metadata.

Corkery added that few services also generate a data access log. It primarily contains entries for actions that read metadata including API calls. You should note that the calls will have rights to access and modify user-generated data being managed by the service.

In a statement released to the press, Google has promised that the data access stream will be made available to additional services to enable you to use them for your custom software development purposes in the upcoming future.

You can avail either free Basic tier or for-pay Premium tier services provided by Stackdriver. If you look at the Basic tier, the individual audit logs are stored for a maximum of seven days. However, this will go up to 30 days for Premium tier users. The advantage of Stackdriver is that users will not be able to modify or delete them at any circumstances.