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GitLab 8.16 gets better with extending auto deploy to Google Container Engine

January 31, 2017
GitLab 8.16 has been released with the capability to monitor and extend auto deploy to Google container engine. You can be able to auto-deploy on Google Cloud. Moreover, GitLab 8.16 provides improved issue search and filter UI. It also includes advanced monitoring tools such as Prometheus and Mattermost, which is an alternative to Slack.

Commenting on te development, Job van der Voort, GitLab VP of product disclosed that to enable auto-deploy capability on Google Container Engine (GCE) requires a larger developer audience. This is to take advantage of app deployment to Kubernetes from a GitLab instance. Developers will be able to make use of its auto-scaling capabilities.

If you are unaware, you need to perform various steps to deploy GitLab to Kubernetes on GCE. Although the whole process is cumbersome, you will be able to complete the tasks within 30 minutes.

Interestingly, the addition of Prometheus within GitLab 8.16 is the first step in the right direction. Moreover, this will ensure proper monitoring of GitLab CI. 

With Prometheus, the GitLab will be able to fetch feedback about deployments. It is also possible to keep track of problems properly. Meanwhile, the Prometheus console will be able to provide metrics related to processor, memory, and thoughtput. As a developer, you should configure port forwarding to enable private Prometheus server becomes visible on localhost:9090.

Some of the other features included with GitLab 8.16 are improved issue search, filter interface including support for removal of merge request approval and deployment of keys granting write privilege. The GitLab 8.16 provide new merge command using which you can type or merge in the description. The GitLab Runner 1.10 provides a wide range of enhancements and bug fixes.

If you are a developer, you should try out GitLab 8.16 for your custom software development purposes because it features advanced features not found in other competing products.