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Babylon.js 3.0 Released With Support For WebGL 2

July 28, 2017
Babylon.js 3.0 Released With Support For WebGL 2
Microsoft has released Babylon.js v3.0, which is the latest version of JavaScript 3D and game engine. The Babylon.js makes use of the WebGL, which is the technology that enables web pages to establish connectivity with your Graphics card. Moreover, it is capable of rendering 3D content with support for hardware acceleration.

According to game developer Andy Hall, developers make use of a 3D engine such as Babylon.js to sort out the minor details associated with graphics rendering. In addition to games, the capability to build cross-browser 3D interactive games will open up a wide range of possibilities. The Redmond-based software giant employs Babylon to boost the Xbox Design Lab in such a way that it creates customized Xbox controllers. 

Commenting on the release of Babylon.js 3.0, David Catuhe, Babylon principal program manager disclosed that the latest release is the biggest release ever developed by the company. The latest release will also be compatible with WebGL 2 as and when it is released publically.

Even though all browsers provide support for WebGL 1, the development of WebGL 2 is still in progress. The WebVR 1.1 support will enable developers to code for the upcoming Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

Microsoft also refreshed the Babylon component PBRMaterial, which is responsible for physical rendering. The company also added demos that explains the new features. In addition to the playground, the developer tools are also strong. As a developer, you can work with in-browser code editor and Spector.js used to trouble shoot WebGL code.