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AWS Mobile Hub enhances support for serverless app and authentication

November 14, 2016
AWS Mobile Hub has added three new features, which will simplify the allocation of serverless app backends. Moreover, it 
will help you to enhance sign-in and authentication process.

AWS Mobile Hub provides support for serverless backends via an exclusive Lambda-based Cloud logic component. Technically, Cloud logic does not provide a facility for the developers to integrate existing AWS Lambda functions with their mobile apps. Instead, it will enable users to create new AWS Lambda functions and Amazon API Gateway endpoints. This will expose AWS Lambda functionality is scalable API. 

According to Amazon, the new mobile hub integrates with AWS Identity and Access Management to create an IAM role for the API to restrict its use to authenticated users. Moreover, AWS Mobile Hub also extends its sign-in options, to include support for email and password authentication.

It will also help you to make use of  flows for sign-up/sign-in and password recovery process, multi-factor authentication. In 
the past, the AWS Mobile Hub only provided support for authentication through Facebook or a custom identity system.

Technically, AWS Mobile Hub is a tool aimed to provide an integrated console to help developers select high-level AWS-backed features. This includes data storage, notifications and analytics provided by a wide range of Amazon branded services.

AWS Mobile Hub is able to generate sample apps for iOS or Android that integrate the required services. These can be developed, tested and monitored within AWS Mobile Hub. The mobile hub is free to use. However, developers are charged for using AWS services.