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Atom 1.13 adds benchmarks, project history and keystroke resolver API

January 16, 2017
Atom 1.13 has been released with several features and enhancements for not only users but also developers. The new release provides a new benchmarking tool, a Reopen Project menu option and API. Moreover, the latest release also includes a custom keystroke resolver API using which you can map Chrome keyboard events to match the keystrokes of Atom.

In Atom 1.13, a new Atom benchmark option tool has been introduced. It enables developers to run benchmarks on their machines. Moreover, you can compare how different versions of Atom compare when running the same benchmark tool.

You can also run benchmarks from the command palette invoking Window. It will execute all benchmarks found in the respective directory. If you run atom -- a benchmark, you will be able to retrieve a text based output in CSV format.

The recently released Atom 1.13 has introduced a new Reopen Project command including a related atom.history API. The API includes the various endpoints such as .getProjects(), .clearProjects(), and .onDidChangeProjects(callback) respectively. You can easily define the total number of cached project names using core.reopenProjectMenuCount and defaults to 15.

Meanwhile, Atom 1.13 has added a new keystroke resolver API, which mainly solves several bugs related to keyboard event handling. It allows you to define the required steps to interpret keystrokes. The main attraction of the API is to improve keyboard event handling. However, you can achieve that only when you make use of modifier keys in the international layout.

Along with Atom 1.13, the release also provides a guide that describes the steps required to remove Shadow DOM styles from the currently available themes or packages. However, the changes are not backwards compatible.