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Amazon Web Services gets better with cloud expansion to Canada and United Kingdom

December 20, 2016

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has expanded to Canada and United Kingdom. According to reports, Amazon has added locations in Montreal and London as the 15th and 16th regions of the AWS cloud.

The Montreal location has been labelled as the Canada (Central) region. It is the first in Canada for the cloud giant. The location offers multiple availability zones (AZ) for purpose of redundancy. You should note that the data centers in each availability zones gets power from a separate grid.

According to Amazon, the Canada-based grids have a capability to generate 99 percent of the power supply from hydroelectric power. The main reason for choosing Quebe province is because of the fact that the location has a room for expansion.

According to Amazon, the lower bound of latency from Montreal to Toronto is 9ms, 47ms to Calgary, and 60ms to Vancouver. If you check the latency to the United States it will be 9ms to New York, 16ms to Northern Virginia (US East region). Moreover, it will be 75ms to Oregon (US West region).

The Canada (Central) region will offer a wide range of AWS services such as Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Redshift, Amazon Elastic MapReduce, Amazon Glacier, Amazon SQS, Amazon S3, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, and AWS Snowball. You should note that all the services under AWS are not available at the moment.

Amazon hasn't enabled Amazon API Gateway, Amazon EFS, Amazon WorkSpaces, AWS Lambda, AWS OpsWorks Stacks, and AWS Service Catalog including Amazon Athena, Amazon Lightsail, or AWS Managed Services.

In the meantime, Amazon also announced the establishment of Europe region. The company has added London region as the third including Frankfurt and Ireland. If you are unaware, companies based in the UK make effective use of AWS services in other EU regions. However, Amazon highlighted the value of a local region, which will compile with the specifications laid down by the UK.