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Amazon gets better with AWS Batch Preview with enhanced features

December 28, 2016
Amazon launched a new preview service namd AWS Batch at the recently concluded AWS Re:Invent conference. The AWS Batch enable organizations to customize and optimize the schedule and workload execution process. This is being done through a cloud-based landscape.

The main purpose behind the creation of AWS Batch Preview service is to offset customers who build their own batch platforms using EC2 instances, containers and CloudWatch.

The running and execution of Batch schedulers and jobs is not a new job. Infact, it has been managed on-premise with the help of fixed infrastructure, which originate in the form of clusters.

Commenting on the developmen, Jeff Barr, chief evangelist at AWS disclosed that the cloud computing has the potential to change the batch computing model for the better. This can be done by accessing various EC2 instances in a faster way. This provides an ability to scale up and down in response to changing needs. Moreover, the AWS Batch Preview service provides a economical pricing model not available elsewhere.

To work with AWS Batch, you need not have to perform any installation on servers. It provides an ability to dynamically allocate compute resources. It includes an ability to participate in Amazon Spot instances. Amazon has also added Job priority and dependency management into the service.

While presenting Introducing AWS Batch: Easy and Efficient Batch Computing on AWS session, at AWS re:Invent, Jamie Kinney, principal product manager at AWS introduced few AWS Batch concepts. It includes Jobs, Job Definitions, Job Queues, Compute Environments and Scheduler.

Amazon has issued guidance as to when AWS Batch should and should not be used. If your work involves several data such as ETL or Big Data processing, Amazon recommends you to make use of EMR, Data Pipeline, Redshift or other related data processing tools. In case of small Cron jobs, AWS should be used in an optimum level.

As of writing this, AWS Batch is available in preview mode in the US East (Northern Virginia) region. The service will be available in other regions once the service passes through General availability.